Welcome to Freediver44.com

This site was originally slated to be just a portfolio site to help potential employers see what I can do. However, as I started working on the design and structure of the site, I decided that this would also be a place where I could push the envelope as far as implementing new technologies. So don't be surprised when you see blogs and RSS feeds, or the implementation of Google Maps. This is my attempt to see how standards compliant CSS can really push the envelope of website design.

I should warn you that this site will be more than just a way for me showcase my web design and development. As I thought more about the site I wanted it to be useful and relevant as well as visually appealing. Eventually this site will hopefully become a portal of sorts for the extended Boeger families. Long term goals include family pictures, group calendars, personalized news sources, family contact and birthday info, wishlists, recommended destinations, and anything else that I can make work. Of course all of this will be password protected.

While I'm dreaming big, I'll include a Freediving portal with access to weather and diving conditions, a shared stories mob-blog environment, Northern California freediving events calendar, diving newsfeeds, and a Google powered map of North Coast public accessibility points(complete with diver ratings).

Hmm I might as well dream really big and go for a small e-commerce site where I can integrate my e-bay sales with some of the graphic design projects that I've created and the Analog-2-Digital conversion service that I plan on creating. If I really get motivated, maybe even a way to begin selling my novel, but then I'd have to write the darn thing in my free time. Uh wait, what free time?

Big plans, big goals, and certainly a big challenge. But I'm a big guy so I think I'm up to the challenge. But for now, it's basically a place to showcase my web design and development skills.

Freediver 44 aka D. Boeger


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